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Growing up in a house filled with love AND DOGS!!

One thing we always had more than enough of was love and attention.

Those first few months are the most critical time in molding a puppy's personality. I had lots of socialization mixed with plenty of love and fun.


Here's me re-arranging the furniture. Oh, the adolescent years!!

I don't think Mommy was too thrilled with me but she took a picture for evidence in case I ever denied having done this. Hmmmm.....


Oh, I loved the tent. Hmmm....yummy!!!
Just kidding! We slept out in the tent a couple of times and it was fun. Crowded with 3 dogs and 2 humans but fun anyway.


Young beautiful adult Grizz

Summertime was a fun time for me and I loved to run and play and chase with my cousins. 


What time does the race start??


I don't know, you tell me cause I AM READY!!



Time for a nap with my little brother Sarge.  This was how we slept when he was just a little guy.  He grew up pretty quickly and ended up bigger than me as you can see by the next picture.  But I ruled the roost!


Geesh Sarge!  Do I look like a pillow??



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Just kickin' back and relaxing.....


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