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"Puppyhood". Wasn't I a little cutie?

"How I picked out my new Mommy & Daddy"... from Grizz

A preview of Grizz's Story the book:

Chapter 1

"My beginning"

"On November 8, 1991, I came into the world. My name is Grizz, actually Yukon Jak as I am registered with the AKC. I looked like a little grizzly bear when I was little so the nickname "Grizz" stuck with me my entire life. I was born to Tork's King Samuel and Traxler's Ccappuccino in Stevens Point, WI. I was about 8 weeks old when two very nice people came to see me and my litter mates. Of course, there was the usual "ooohing and ahhhing" and the "oh, are they adorable" but from the moment I laid eyes on them, I knew these two people were mine, all mine. I made it very clear by my display that I was choosing them. Needless to say, they obeyed very well for humans! That was January 1st, 1992, and the beginning of my life with Barry and Jo Helms, who,I lovingly refer to as "My Mommy and Daddy". After all the formalities that take place with the purchase of a new puppy, they cuddled me into their arms and brought me to a new home, far from where I was born.  The trip was exciting with all the new sights and sounds that I had never before experienced.  I looked out the window with great anticipation of what was to come.  We arrived in Appleton, Wisconsin before I knew it.  I will admit that I slept in my new Mommy's arms during part of the drive.  She was so nice and warm to cuddle with. I had seen some of my brothers and sisters leaving to go live with new people and now it was my turn.  We pulled into the driveway of a quaint, ranch style home with a big fenced-in back yard where I could run and play.  It seemed so big!  But then again, I was so small.  This was my new home and where I would soon meet my new brothers, Smokey and Rags...............................................                                                                                 




Jo Helms-author of "Grizz's Story  A Greater Courage"

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Jacquie Lawson e-cards Jacquie Lawson e-cards


What a big world!!

Here I am at about 8 weeks old. This was my first day in my new home. Wow! What a big world out there!!!


Look what I found!!

It's a FOOTBALL and it's just for me! Neat!




I had two big brothers. Smokey and Rags.

Touchdown !!


One of my finer moments!!

Nah, nah, nahnah, nah!!!



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