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There is support out there!!!

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You are never alone...There are many out there that care as deeply as you do about your furry friend.

A wonderful site filled with touching stories.They truly do "make a difference". Crickett, Bailey, Zoe and all the rest of the staff helped us realize the reason why Grizz came into our lives. When I was looking for an "Angel" to watch over Grizz, I found several Angels on this site. They are the reason that I decided to write the book, "Grizz' Story". They featured Grizz, along with many other beloved pets, in a special edition called "Heroes". We can't thank them enough for acknowledging the courage of our furry kids. They gave me the strength to write "Grizz's Story" so others might benefit from our experiences and Grizz's life. Thank you Crickett, Bailey, Zoe, Coltrane and all the others who believe that you can make a difference!! Because YOU DID!
God Bless you !
The Perseus Foundation
Home of "CanineCancerAwareness" support
group. Victoria Brown Barquero heads a great interactive support and informational group for owners of cancer dogs. Lots of helpful information on treatment options.

Message from The Perseus Foundation:
"The Perseus Foundation
Join our battle in finding the causes and cures of cancer in our animal friends.
You are also invited to visit"
An absolutely terrific group of people who offer so much support and prayers to those who ask. We have made a lot of wonderful friends through this group.
UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
A huge "THANK YOU" to these wonderful men and women who devote their lives to improving the quality of life for our furry kids. We will never forget their dedication when it came to Grizz's welfare and treatment. They took such wonderful care of Grizz and us.
This is a wonderful site filled with some of the most heartwarming tributes you will ever see. Grizz's memorial is posted on this site also. Please visit.
We received a great deal of helpful information on Canine Cancer, dietary needs for cancer dogs, and much, much more. If you have a cancer dog, this site is a must!! There is also important information on PREVENTING cancer as well as things to look for and do in case your dog is sick, so please take time to visit this site.  Great group of people with a common cause. Making a better life for our canine companions.  Bless you all.
"The Animal Love and Loss Network"
The title speaks for itself!!
Thank you Susan, and all the others that have been there for us. We leaned on you many times. You opened your arms to us. How do we say thank you?
Please visit Janet and Mac and share their stories and wonderful information on diet and helpful things for your pets. Always willing to lend a "paw".
A Blanket of Hope

Susan has crossed over Rainbow Bridge, once again to be united with her furlove, but her passion and devotion for furkids will always live on forever.  Please come and visit Susan and her beautiful, loving companion named Hope.  This site is a greyhound lovers heaven!!  Susan is a wonderful friend who has a beautiful web site.  Tell her that "I" sent you.  =)

Fox Valley Humane Association Appleton

Fox Valley Humane Association, Ltd. serves the greater Fox Valley area as a resource for pets and people, providing protection and quality care for all animals as well as educational programs and animal welfare services for the community. Our animal shelter is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, and serves 3000-4000 homeless animals in the Fox Valley area every year. All pets available for adoption have been temperament tested and are up-to-date on routine shots and vaccinations.


Also please be sure to check out our "Recommended reading" page at    Special books by special people !! 


Our dear friend "Sherlock Bones"(One of Jean Keating's little sweethearts) invites you to check out his book review page at  and of course he has a review on Grizz's Story !!  We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting both Jean and Sherlock Bones(Puff) in Danville, VA this fall and we had a wonderful visit....
AngelHearts is a wonderful support group for animal lovers.  When you visit, please let Nancy know that we sent you.  The folks belonging to this group are there for you in good times and in bad.  Having an ill pet is very stressful and people often feel that they are alone but this group helps get you through...  Highly recommended!!

All of the links listed above have played an important part in Grizz's life and/or in ours. We are grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends who care deeply about our furry ones and their human families.  We would also like to take this opportunity to share another huge contributor to the battle against canine cancer.


Morris Animal Foundation has launched an unprecedented $30 million effort to cure canine cancer within a dog's lifetime - the next 10 to 20 years. World-renowned scientists and cancer specialists agree that this MAF-led effort will not only save countless dogs from suffering and premature death, but should also help produce breakthroughs in the prevention, treatment, and cures of human cancers - in particular childhood cancers.

Please visit  to read more and offer your support with this campaign.

Also, a website that we started to help pet owners find ways to search for trials.



We also invite you to visit our memorial page. You can go their by clicking in this link:     These are Pet Memorials that I have made for friends and family in loving memory of their furry ones.  It is a beautiful tribute page.

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