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Missing pet alert page!! Please read. If you have seen any of these pets, please contact the email addresses attached to the alert. Thank you for your help.

Use the link supplied below to enter the National Missing Pet Alert Network

Please come and visit our newest joint web site!!
These pets need your help!!!
Please help them find their way back home.
God Bless!!
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As most of you know I also run the National Missing Pet Alert Network which is similar to the Amber Alert except it is for pets that have gone missing.  A loving network of people willing to spread the word about a missing pet.  Time is of the essence when a pet goes missing so our goal is to get the word out as soon as possible.  When someone posts about a missing pet on the site, I get the notification.  I launch a MISSING PET ALERT!!!!!!  This is strictly a volunteer group that I have founded and maintained, and who helps get the word out about someone's lost pet trying to help re-unite them through networking. You can post a missing pet by going to   Please remember the rescues and shelters....without them, where would the lost and unwanted furkids be...
Let's Bring 'em home....   Jo Helms-Administrator
Our prayers go out to all those pets affected by Hurricane Katrina.  The National Missing Pet Alert Network will be broadcasting and relaying information between various rescues to do our part to help these pets get back home to their owners.  Please join us by keeping them in your thoughts and prayers too.  Our deepest gratitude to all those who have helped in any way.


Please visit the National Missing Pet Alert Network Website


God Bless you!!! Nationwide Missing Pet Alert group!! Copyright 2003-2012 Jo Helms ALL RIGHTS RESERVED