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Some of the award winning web sites that carry our link

The listing is not in any specific order..

With our deepest gratitude.

The sites listed are some of the top sites that now carry our link to Grizz's Story.  We thank each and every site that is willing to help us in our quest and we will continue to give all of them credit for helping us along the way.  By no means does this mean that other sites are not equally precious to us, and please visit ALL of them who are listed on this site.  They all share our common make a difference and to make our furry companion's lives better through their help.  With that having been said, I must also not that we do not receive and have not received any financial compensation from any of these sites and it is our choice to crosslink to them, just as it their choice to crosslink to us. 


The Perseus Foundation and also home to one of the best canine cancer support groups out there.   If you have a cancer dog, please be sure to visit this site and join the,


This is a wonderful site for any/all Siberian husky lovers!!  Please come and visit and also let Cindy know how much you enjoyed her web site....  It is truly beautiful!!


A wonderful website dedicated to those "less than perfect" dogs....


Are you a person who loves animals? You've come to the right place to meet kindred spirits.Welcome to Angel Animals®Allen and Linda Anderson, co-founders of the Angel Animals® Network. We've discovered fascinating reasons why millions view animals as angels.


Oncolink-Abramson Cancer Center


The source for Pet News!



This is where our Kodi and Tundra were born.  Eva and Jim remain our very dear friends.  Eva also leads a wonderful discussion list which consists of many other Siberian lovers and their web site also offers lots of great information for Siberian owners as well as beautiful pictures of how their Siberians enrich and share their lives. proudly awards this pet website the Awesome Pet Website Award! Please join the Pet Health Forums, or visit the Pet Health Directory, or shop for pet products!

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